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10 Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Finding a perfect father’s day gift is quite an intimidating task. It is because Dads always say that they don’t need anything. So, it becomes a real challenge to get the best father’s day gift for your Daddy, who literally invested many hours in nourishing your life. 

 Father’s Day 2021 in HK falls on Sunday, June 20th. If you are thinking to surprise your Dad with some practical father’s day gifts, we are here to help.

Many of you are looking for Father’s Day gift ideas on the internet to find the best gift for your Dad that matches with his strong personality. Look for something practical, unique, and sophisticated like him. 

Also, make your Dad feel loved and show him how much you adore him with a simple love note and his favorite thing.  

Here are our 10 best picks to help you make a better decision. We kept a budget in mind that you can afford and buy best father’s day gifts in 2021. 

Keep rolling!

It may seem an essential everyday accessory, but wallet and cardholders are among the most underrated father’s day gifts you can give to your Dad. This wallet has a generous 13 to 20 slots for different types of cards, including credit or debit cards, etc. It will hold almost everything your dad needs. What’s more, it has 1 matching detachable cardholder, with 2 card slots and 1 ID card slot.

This slim leather wallet is perfect for your father if he prefers minimalist accessories. It is available in 3 amazing colors, so you will be able to find the ideal match. Moreover, it is made of 100% top grain leather and comes with a 1-year warranty.  Your Daddy will definitely love this gift we can bet.fat

This wallet is one of the best Father’s day gift ideas because of its sophisticated look and affordable price. Its curve edge design provides easy access to the front pocket, and it is designed as 1 size fits all features.

This wallet is handcrafted with sustainable top grain leather. Its size is 115mm x 90mm with 2 interior bill slots. So your Dad can easily hold 8 to 10 cards in this wallet. Besides, the durability and style of this wallet are incredible. Go with this stylish wallet that speaks volumes about your Dad’s authentic personality. Also, don’t forget to choose your Dad’s favorite colour.

Pro Tip: You can put a small handmade father’s day greeting card inside the wallet to make it more personal.

This premium pass case trifold wallet with a slim profile is not for everyone. If your Dad needs extra storage capacity for different cards, then this wallet fits your Dad’s needs.  It is made from high quality top grain leather, and available in classy black to match your Dad’s style. 

This wallet has 11 to 15 card slots that he can use to hold any kind of bank card, licenses, and business cards. Besides, it has 1 interior mesh ID window and 1 snap button slot. If you are looking for cool Father’s day gift ideas, then this wallet is the best gift to choose. 

The alligator wallet has a slim, minimalistic design, made from 100% sustainable top grain leather and is lightweight. Its interior is best to cushion cards, and bills securely. Its ultra-slim design with no closure makes it quite easy to access bank cards or licenses.

This wallet is suitable for the short currency up to 73 mm long. Your Dad can also store his USD bills, AUC bills, and CAD bills in this wallet. It has 2 interior bill slots, though, to keep your bills safe. Pick this stylish brown minimalistic wallet that holds 8 to 12 cards without being bulky for your perfectionist Dad.

Alligator bifold wallets are slim and lightweight, making them one of the best Father’s day gift ideas. This wallet is also handcrafted with 100% top grain leather and stitched with heavy-duty nylon thread to match with the leather color. 

This wallet has 2 interior bill slots to store additional items. Also, it can hold 6 to 10 cards. This wallet is available in black, green, and bordo color. You can choose any of them to match your father’s personality. Moreover, it has a currency pouch that fits different size bills; that’s why it is best to use in traveling. It’s simple, yet rugged design is perfect for your wanderer dad.

This minimalist wallet is an excellent gift idea for great fathers around the world. 

The stingray embossed minimalist wallet proves that less is more. It is handcrafted with 100% sustainable top grain leather. This is one of the best Father’s day gift ideas to choose from as it is available in 3 colors (tan, blue, and black). 

Thanks to its compact design, your Dad wouldn’t have to worry about his wallet sticking out of his front or back pockets. While the wallet exterior is plain, it’s perfect for maximum efficiency. It can hold up to 4 to 8 cards, and has 1 interior mesh ID window. Its 1 interior full bill slot is best to keep receipts and tickets.

A leather laptop backpack will be a thoughtful Father’s day gift if your Dad is style-savvy. This laptop backpack is perfect for dads who frequently travel for business purposes. It will protect your Dad’s favorite laptop from spills and shocks. It is handcrafted with sustainable top grain leather. Besides, It has pretty good organisation of pockets, including 1 zipped pocket and 2 more inside slit pockets to save your other belongings like a headset and chargers.  

This laptop backpack comes with a main compartment that can easily fit a 15-inch laptop. Its other compartment is best to store books, documents, or any other thing. The front compartment also has 2 slit pockets. Moreover, it has a side zip to save a water bottle or phone. Above all, this bag is attractive, comfortable with a 1-year warranty.

This Father’s day gift idea is best if your Dad travels a lot due to work. It has a shoe compartment and can adapt to work commutes, work trips, or gym days. Designed with sustainable full grain leather, the duffel bag is durable, practical, and stylish like your Daddy.

Its 50L spacious main compartment is enough to hold all the essential stuff your dad needs while traveling. Plus, the adjustable shoulder strap and a handle with multiple carrying options will minimise the carrying load from your Dad’s strong shoulders.  

A duffel bag will create a unique addition to your Dad’s travel accessories cabinet if you want to make this father’s day extra special. He wouldn’t have expected to receive a duffel bag made from premium leather as a gift. But it, wrap it up in a box, make a special father’s day love note, and you are all set to go. 

If your Dad appreciates simple, eye-catching, and comfortable messenger bags, this bag is sure to bring a smile on his face. The messenger bag is of the highest quality and best option for your Dad. It is handcrafted with sustainable cow fur and cowhide leather. Besides, this cowhide leather messenger bag also shows the unique pattern that makes the messenger bag one of a kind. 

It has the main compartment where your Dad can easily fit his belongings like books, phones, wallets, and other accessories. In addition to that, it has zipped pockets, and 2 slit pockets inside to keep the valuable things safe and sound. It also includes 1 zipper pocket at the backside to provide easy access.

If you want to gift a passport case or holder to your Dad, it is best to roll your eyeballs towards the brand you trust the most. This passport case is handcrafted with high-quality cow leather with a natural grain. It is best in terms of both style and functionality. This beautiful and handy passport case also offers ample slots and pockets for ID cards, licenses, and business cards. 

It has 1 interior passport slot, mesh ID window, and 4 internal card slots as well. This passport case will be a smart travel partner for your Dad. Moreover, it is available in 3 different colours (Black, Brown, and Red). May be your Dad is expecting a lavish brown passport case this father’s day, who knows?

Final Note

Hong Kong Father’s day 2021 is soon to be hitting at the doors, so start your preparation right away. All Dads need to feel pampered and appreciated on their special day because they also love you the same as your mothers do. Although they sometimes fail to express their feelings, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you any less. 

We hope you will like our fresh collection of father’s day gift ideas, we mentioned in this blog. Pick up the one you think your Dad will love and celebrate this great day with some party poppers, cake, flowers, and your Dad’s favorite cuisine.

Happy Father's day to all the amazing Dads around the world!

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