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Miajee’s Duffel Bag is a premier travelling essential for men. With a separate shoe pouch, the unique design is brilliantly crafted with full grain leather in essence of the featured of gentleman’s legacy. 

Alligator Wallet

We select the best quality sustainable cow leather as alternatives to alligator skin, so you can still own this classic luxury style without costing death of crocodiles.

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We are committed to create a better tomorrow by our timeless designs

True craftsmanship is akin to art, and indeed, functional art. We create artistic designs to improve lifestyle. Thus, all our designs have the stories that give birth to them, and elevate the souls in the timeless art.

All our artisans come from Pakistan, and have 10+ years experience in leather crafts. We are aiming to help them improve their status quo by increasing the international exposure of their works. 

We select sustainable leather from top tanneries for our designs. All of our products come from either Full Grain Leather or Top Grain Leather. We never settle for anything less. 

Gentleman's Journal

A Minimalist Guide Towards Freedom

In this age, every individual wants freedom. Some want freedom of speech, others want freedom of press, but some only want a little freedom in their pockets. Carrying a massive wallet with years old junk has forced people to demand this freedom. This freedom can only be obtained through a minimalist wallet.

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