In 2018, Miajee’s founder Hussain made horse riding shoes from a small leather crafter in suburbs of Pakistan. Impressed with the craftsmanship, he decided to promote it to the outside world. As an active environmentalist, he committed to infuse Green Philosophy.

A Few Words About

Our Vision

We are committed to collaborate with small leather workshops to produce eco-friendly products that help customers in daily life.

Empower Craftsman

Majority of leather craftsmen in Pakistan are underpaid and don't have platforms to showcase their work, thus their art is unheard. We are on a mission to improve their lives by promoting their works to more communities. They specialise in product niche and their works represents highest quality.
Meet our artisans HERE .


We value our customers the highest, as understanding our customers is the key to our great designs. Our leather products are designed to improve the lifestyle of our customers. We design products that fit seamlessly into your life and you can use it with comfort and total satisfaction.
Check out our signature product stories HERE .

Care for the Earth

Deep within our ideology is care for the environment. We are working with leather workshops to procure sustainable leather from tanneries. We are also committed to the goal of NO PLASTICS in product packaging. We aim to make products in eco-friendly way and understand we still have a long way to go to call ourselves truly sustainable.
Know more about our leather materials HERE

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