• About Us

About Us

What is Miajee’s?


Fashion & Philosophy


A focused brand that embraces evolutionary style and innovative taste. It
breaks the barriers created by ‘copycat’ trends and believes in a globalized
identity where ‘East meets West’. Our area of expertise and creative design
focuses on ‘Clothing & Leather’ items.


Are you looking for something that stands out in a crowd?


We have what you need. Quality fabric skirts and exquisite gowns that
have individualistic ethnic patterns, to leather bags (or wallets) with unique
sense of style and symmetry. Don’t hold yourself back from experimental
creativity and embrace a new sense of style that defines your personality
and fits comfort. Instead of following trends, why don’t you “set a trend”!

Why Us?


We encourage ‘Fashion Fusion’, where you will find western outfits merged with an ethnic personality. Cultural patterns are carefully mixed with gowns, skirts, and dresses to create a unique blend of global fashion. Creativity is the key to each of our clothing items, and every dress speaks for itself. Our ethnic floral designs and intricate threadwork stands out and is noticeably different than other clothes. But that’s a good thing! If you want to make an entrance and leave a tasteful impression at work, events or mini gatherings then buy from our store.


Do remember this, our ‘Philosophy’ is not limited to the current rat race in the fashion industry. We make it a point to listen to customer demands and their preferential taste in fabric, design, and quality. Keeping this in mind, Miajee’s main objective is to follow the customers’ wants and incorporate a sense of ethnic individuality which breaks the mundane cycle of conventional fashion trends.


Bring the beauty of ethnic style in your wardrobe. Mix it up with comfortable western cuts and flare and indulge in the luxury of carrying a little of piece of ‘culture’ with you everywhere.

Leather & Luxury:


Our ‘Genuine Leather’ items include high quality wallets, belts, and bags with an elegant luxury look. But fear not, our leather products encompass the philosophy of creative comfort! Miajee’s is a creative platform where we believe everyone deserves the luxury and comfort of leather.


Some stores reach out only to a certain socio-economic class of people. Their leather items are labelled as exclusive wear and a large portion of population miss the fun. What sets us apart? For starters, we are an ‘inclusive’ brand that prioritizes every person. We want our leather to be a source of comfort that fits in your ‘daily life’ routine. If you need a wallet that
fits all your cards and money in compact, sturdy, yet classy looking leather; then buy from us.


The exterior of our leather items, whether wallets or bags is genuine and has ‘refined finishing’. However, we also believe in ‘daily durability’ so our items are manufactured with reliable endurance to help you make the most of your money.


Enjoy the convenience of our leather products that carry luxury style and durability together.

Bags & Bargain

Every bag has a story.

In today’s time and age, bags have become a daily essential item for everyone. Miajee’s understands this and caters to a variety of needs that are fulfilled with our multi-purposed and stylish bags. Keeping in mind the ‘demographic demands’ of customers, we offer a wide range of designs, sizes and durability standards. We know your story and daily life commitments, that’s why our bags are created as a convenient yet fashionable statement. Shop from our store and pick whichever bag suits your lifestyle!


Sporty Office Bag

Isn’t it bothersome to carry your briefcase (or work bag) and a gym bag separately? Of course, it is.

The founder of Miajee’s found it a tiresome struggle to manage two separate bags; one for work and the other for gym purposes. That’s when it struck him. He thought about incorporating the functions of a ‘work’ and ‘gym’ bag into one product. This led to a creative fusion style of ‘professional’ and ‘sporty’ bags.

You can expect a polished leather exterior that looks ‘professional’ but also has an ‘active sporty’ vibe to it. The interior has enough space to accommodate your work and gym necessities. Forget about carrying two bags now, pick up our multi-purpose leather items and step outside for work.


Since they’re daily necessity, we make sure that our quality leather is malleable enough to comfortably fit in pockets and bags. It’s not just an everyday, boring wallet. Instead our wallets carry a sense of personality and style due to their intricate designs and adjustable leather material. The exterior comes in a variety of choices that could fit your personal style.


Many believe that an outfit makes a fashion statement with a ‘belt’. Our top-quality leather belts fit that belief. Whether you need a belt to buckle for work or parties, we have a variety of designs and colors. They have an embedded sense of style and confident comfort. This means you can spend the day in delightful style and ease, without readjusting your buckle!

Travelling Bag

This bag is made from quality cow leather that has a vintage
touch to it and is sturdy enough to hold a lot of luggage. It has intricate handwork and the interior has a few pockets and ample space to take it with you on short trips or long-distance travel.

Briefcase 21

This is a classic office bag that possesses feature of a handbag and bag-pack. It prioritizes comfort and style which means you can also keep office stuff in its interior multi-sectioned leather fabric compartments. You can walk into work with a confident sense of style and sufficient office belongings.

Mama Bag/ Mommy Bag

Mothers don’t need to compromise on style and space anymore. If you’re looking for a bag that has enough space to carry baby essentials, but also looks stylish; buy from us. Our ‘Mama Bags’ cater to decorative style and spacious convenience where you can look fashionable while carrying diapers, bibs and bottles.

You can carry this bag to the office and outdoors. It’s an unstoppable force that lets you enjoy a fashion statement whilst also tending to your baby’s needs.