Billfolds is one of the most common designs of wallets globally. Its name initiated from the basic design as it folds down the middle once over. Billfolds is a small and valued life tool to carry credit cards, cash, coins and the most personal data. Besides, it is usually made of leather and has myriad slots to hold bills, cards, and receipts. Leather billfold wallet is the most vintage type and versatile enough to add value to a gentleman’s personality. It can fit into the back pocket, front pocket and handbag. However, due to their multiple slots and outer zipper closure, they have become notorious for being overstuffed.

Miajee’s is focusing on designing the most minimalist and slim leather billfolds for men and women. From a full-sized to a smaller, card-focused, they are in the forms of bi-fold, tri-fold, or pass case in order to fit different usages and styles. What’s more, as data security becomes a more and more severe issues, we have designed RFID billfold wallets to ensure the security during travel and daily commute. Like your clothing, wallet serves a style statement for your unique personality and you should definitely add to your manly wardrobe. Find one here which is functional and suitable for your style.

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